Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Has your Hardwood Floor become Dull, Scratched, and the Finish appears to be Worn Off in places?  

If so, you should allow Gerena Construction to completely Refinish your Hardwood Floor.  

This process removes surface scratches, and the new Finish will be Colored Stain to your liking and Finished with a Gloss, Satin Sheen at a level of your Choice. 


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Floor Stripping Video

In this video is the method  known as drum sanding. This is the removal of deep stains, surfaces scratches, surface coatings, and uneven areas. This must be done correctly so that the species’ grain will be restored.  This is one of the hardwood floor’s main features. The particles and dust produced by the sanding process are then collected by an industrial vacuum. Next multiple color coats are applied to bring the life back to your floor and a polyurethane sealer is applied to th

Floor Clear Coating Refinishing Video

This video is to display what the wood flooring looks like as multiple color coats, are applied to bring that New life back into your Floor, including multiple applied Polyurethane Sealer Applications. 

 Wood Floors last a lifetime. They never go out of style. Carpeting lasts 5-10 years. There are also health Benefits. Studies have shown that wood floors can improve air quality by getting rid of dust mites and allergens that can lurk in carpet and they’re easy to maintain. 

Marble and Concrete Restoration

 We polish concrete floors to achieve a glossy and mirror-like finish. There are many designs of polished concrete available. We always help our customers to come up with the best designs. You can choose nearly any pattern, color, embedded aggregates or even intersecting objects. We use different levels of concrete polishing to control reflectivity on the floor. 

 This is now becoming the new look that many commercial project are turning to because of the easy cleaning and minimal maintenance required. That the homeowner has now taken into their garage, patio and basement floor finishes. There are several levels of finish available starting with a salt and pepper look to a heavy open gravel look. The process is of several levels of grinding grits to open up the concrete pores on average starting with a 36 grit metal bond all the way up to 6000 copper bond done by a high speed burnisher for maximum shine. In the last stage of the polishing we use a hardener chemical that seals the pores and creates the shine for all to like and talk about. 

  Concrete floor polishing has been widely used in industrial facilities. This is due to its high durability, low cost, abrasion resistant and long life. The introduction of dry concrete polishing has made it possible for residential homes to enjoy the decorative concrete application.  

 Seal your marble when necessary: You may have read somewhere that sealing marble is a complex process, which will cost you a fortune. The truth is, the process is simple. You can even do it on your own. The cost and time involved are basically inconsequential when you consider how fabulous your marble floors will appear after that. However, ensure that you use a high quality penetrating sealer. You should also note that some types of marble don’t require sealing. In such a situation, don’t attempt sealing them, since it might just dry on the surface, creating an ugly stain.